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Having surgery to remove an impacted tooth is something routinely done at the Rovi Smile Center dental practice in Coral Springs, FL. We know that this isn’t something our patients have to deal with regularly, so we provide helpful tips on how to best proceed after surgery.

Recovery time and pain will depend on the severity of the situation but the good news is that recovery is generally fairly quick, provided you follow Dr. Rovirosa’s order.

After Impacted Tooth in Coral Springs, FL | Rovismilecenter

After Impacted Tooth


There is generally some discomfort after dental surgery, but rest, a modified softer diet, and pain medication will help. We will prescribe something or recommend over-the-counter pain medication to help you.


Drinking and Eating:

After a few days, you should be able to resume your regular diet. If the area where the impacted tooth was removed is still uncomfortable, it may help to favor the other side of your mouth. Careful rinsing and oral hygiene is important. Avoid using a straw for several days during healing as it can dislodge blood clots that form and result in significant bleeding. Consider drinking tepid beverages for a few days, if you find you are sensitive to hot or cold.

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