Before Anesthesia: Tips from Rovi Smile Center in Coral Springs, FL

When having any dental procedure, whether here in Coral Springs, FL or elsewhere, your dentist will provide you with information about things you need to know in preparation for your dental appointment as well as for recovery after a procedure.

Before Anesthesia in Coral Springs, FL | Rovismilecenter

When you need anesthesia at a dental appointment, you’ll need to have someone accompany you to your appointment, or meet you at our office, so that they can help you get home afterwards. You won’t be able to safely drive after anesthesia and you may feel groggy for some time so getting assistance getting home to rest is important.

We recommend you leave out your contact lenses and refrain from wearing jewelry or dentures when coming to our office. Be sure to talk to the Rovi Smile Center team about medications you are taking or any medical issues you have that could be important for us to know before your procedure.

Before leaving our office after your dental procedure, we’ll be sure that you have any prescriptions and / or special instructions for care. If you have any questions or concerns about dental office sedation or about recovery afterwards, please do not hesitate to talk to us about them. Each and every member of the Rovi Smile Center team wants your experience with us to be a positive one.

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