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When a tooth breaks below the gum line or when more access is needed to a tooth in order to affix a dental crown, crown lengthening can be a good option. While the result is a longer-looking tooth, in reality the size of the tooth doesn’t change, rather your gum line is contoured in order that your dentist can access more of the tooth for your dental restorations.

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Dr. Daniel Rovirosa and his Coral Springs, FL dental team at the Rovi Smile Center perform crown lengthening procedures and other restorative dental procedures with great success.

About the Crown Lengthening Procedure and Recovery

Crown lengthening generally involves local anesthesia and before a crown lengthening, teeth cleanings are often done and, at times, a temporary crown is used. Oral rinses, anti-inflammatory medication / pain meds, a soft foods diet, and further direction will be provided for your next appointment.
Risk factors include temporary sensitivity due to an exposed root as well as infection, which can be mitigated by following your dentist’s recommendations for oral hygiene and after-care.
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