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After dental implant surgery, patients of Dr. Daniel Rovirosa are advised to rest, with minimal activity, for a few days. There may be swelling for the first few days after dental implant surgery, but ice packs in short intervals can be helpful. Gentle saltwater rinsing is often recommended as is a soft foods diet for several days after surgery. Smokers do not make good candidates for dental implants as there is a high failure rate. Smoking or sucking through a straw is not recommended during the healing period.

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Avoid Dental Implants Failure

Dr. Rovirosa and his Coral Springs dental team will advise you of specific instructions, based on specifics of your surgery, to help you avoid dental implant failure and heal quickly.
Following doctor’s orders is very important to minimize the chance of infection and to maximize success with osseointegration of the dental implant post into your jaw bone. Those who have had bone grafts as part of their surgery may receive additional instructions.

Keeping the area clean, careful eating, staying hydrated, and plenty of rest will help with the healing process. If you have excessive bleeding, swelling, or pain that does not subside with the pain medication recommended by your dentist, please contact us.

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