Frenectomy: Rovi Smile Center, Coral Springs, FL

A frenectomy involves removal of the frenulum, a small piece of connecting tissue that you’ll find behind your upper lip, connected to your gums, as well as your tongue. Most often performed on babies and children, due to it being too large, thus negatively impacting speech or even food consumption. It’s also occasionally performed on adults.

Frenectomy in Coral Springs, FL | Rovismilecenter

At the Coral Springs, FL dental office of Dr. Daniel Rovirosa, we regularly perform both labial frenulum (top of the mouth) and lingual frenulum (bottom) operations. Leveraging laser dental surgery to perform this procedure means that it is a fast and simple procedure done under local anesthetic for most patients, and occasionally general anesthetic for babies and smaller children. This means minimal discomfort and smooth recoveries.

Benefit from Laser Dentistry for the Frenectomy Procedure

Laser dentistry for frenectomies means fast healing time, as the wound is sealed with the laser, and no need for sutures as compared to the traditional method with scalpel and sutures. At Rovi Smile Center, we strive to make every patient comfortable and knowledgeable about their procedure so if you have any questions about how we perform a frenectomy or about the recovery process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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