Rovi Smile Center: Occlusal Adjustment Appointments Available

Are you having problems with your bite? If you’ve noticed pain when you bite down or other symptoms of alignment issues, we can help. An occlusal adjustment alters the way your teeth fit and touch when you clamp your jaw shut.

Occlusal Adjustment in Coral Springs, FL | Rovismilecenter

Do I Need an Occlusal Adjustment?

Symptoms of bite alignment problems include jaw pain and noticeable changes in your bite (for example, your teeth don’t seem to fit together the way they used to fit). An occlusal adjustment can help correct alignment problems that you’ve always had or that you’ve started to have as a result of changes in your teeth due to loose or shifting teeth, due to bruxism (teeth grinding), etc.

Eliminate Occlusal Pain

At Rovi Smile Center in Coral Springs, FL, dentist Dr. Daniel Rovirosa and his team work with you to help you achieve the best smile possible and part of that is ensuring you aren’t suffering pain due to bite alignment. By measuring the ideal bite, leveraging the latest in dental technology, and utilizing a dental drill that holds a filing stone we can fix bite problems through tweaking certain areas of the biting surfaces of your teeth so that they fit better. You put a lot of pressure on your teeth on a daily basis, through talking, chewing, and movements that happen when you sleep. An appointment can help us advise you on the best way to improve bite and eliminate occlusal problems.

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