Early Detection for Oral Cancer from Rovi Smile Center Coral Springs, FL

Oral cancer is a frightening disease and as with other Cancers, is best detected if treated early. Oral Cancer screenings are done non-invasively at the Rovi Smile Center in Coral Springs, FL through dental technology that identifies early signs of problems.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Coral Springs, FL | Rovismilecenter

Oral Cancer Symptoms

It’s important to note that Oral Cancer can be insidious, progressing long before symptoms appear. For this reason you should consider screening even if you do not have symptoms. Those who smoke tobacco or who consume a lot of alcohol should be vigilant about screenings for Oral Cancer. It’s important to note that about a quarter of those diagnosed with Oral Cancer are not smokers or former smokers so everyone should consider getting tested, particularly if you have symptoms.

Symptoms include: oral sores that do not heal, rough patches in the mouth, discoloration, changes in the mouth such as new jaw pain, teeth that have suddenly inexplicably loosened, pain.

*The above symptoms are not-exhaustive and could be signs of other oral health problems.

About ViziLite Oral Cancer Screening at Rovi Smile Center

ViziLite Oral Cancer screening offers a wand that Dr. Rovirosa uses to assess the mouth. This non-invasive and painless procedure is quick, it’s painless, and can help identify Oral Cancer very early. Dr. Rovirosa provides an oral rinse and then dims the lights in the exam room in order to turn on the light wand for the ViziLite. Areas of concern will appear white and will then be investigated to determine the cause of the discoloration.

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