Dr. Daniel Rovirosa and his Coral Springs, FL dental team offer osseous grafting surgery, which can be an excellent way to treat advanced gum disease, in conjunction with scaling and root planing, where there is bone loss around the teeth that can put you at risk for tooth loss and further jaw bone deformities.
Osseous grafting is also done when a tooth extraction or tooth loss has resulted in bone degeneration and in addition to helping with periodontitis, it can help you be more suitable as a dental implant candidate.

Osseous Grafting in Coral Springs, FL | Rovismilecenter

More About Osseous Grafting

After local anesthetic is given, bone re-shaping is done by Dr. Rovirosa to help correct the bone around the gum line. Sutures at the gum line wrap up the procedure, which is considered routine here at Rovi Smile Center and we get great feedback from patients on their experience and ease of recovery after this restorative dentistry procedure.


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