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Uses for Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras show what’s happening in your mouth on a monitor. This gives your dentist a thorough look at every angle inside your mouth. This can be helpful for you, as well, should you want to see exactly why we’ve recommended a specific approach and / or are interested in watching dental procedures take place. Photos are also printable.

The intraoral camera also aids with the process of submitting proposals to insurance companies for dental coverage. Because insurance companies get full and detailed information, responses are typically faster. In terms of seeing before and after results, many of the before and after photos of cosmetic dentistry makeovers on our smile gallery are done using the intraoral camera.


The Intraoral Cameras at Rovi Smile Center in Coral Springs, FL

What’s an intraoral camera and what can it do for you? An intraoral camera offers amazing diagnostic abilities for us at the Rovi Smile Center in Coral Springs, FL. Dr. Daniel Rovirosa and his team get a lot of benefits from using this equipment and so do our patients.

Rovi Smile Center in Coral Springs, FL: Investing in the Best in Patient Care

Dr. Rovirosa offers a variety of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures as well as works with orthodontics and periodontal areas. Leveraging modern dentistry tools to make each visit as productive, minimally invasive, and comfortable as possible is Dr. Rovirosa’s goal. If you’d like a consultation, to learn more about our Coral Springs dental practice, or have questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at (954) 755-8003.

We Can Help You

Dr. Daniel Rovirosa, AKA Dr. Rovi, is a different kind of dentist. By combining advanced dental technology with a gentle, friendly style, Dr. Rovirosa will make you and your family more comfortable than you ever thought possible.

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