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Rovi Smile Center

Dr. Daniel Rovirosa

A Visit to the Rovi Smile Center Isn’t Just Another Trip to the Dentist. It’s a Day Spent in Comfort at a VIP Dental Spa.


About the Rovi Smile Center

Rovi Smile Center wants to change the average person’s perception of a trip to the dentist. Too many people still dread their dental appointments. No doubt that’s due to the often cold, sterile environment of dental offices. The result is that no one is relaxed. Everyone is tense. This is the 21st century. We are surrounded by comforts and conveniences that can help us relax. The Rovi Smile Center doesn’t see why things should be any different in the dentist’s office.

How the Rovi Smile Center Works

From the time you enter until the time you leave, the staff at the Rovi Smile Center attends to all your needs. The goal is to pamper you with the type of service and amenities you’d find at an upscale day spa. For example, do you have trouble unwinding when you go to the dentist? Try one of our massage chairs.
The right fragrances can trigger feelings of relaxation so we offer our patients aroma therapy to relieve any lingering stress. We also spoil our patients with hot scented towels. Most of us like to relax by listening to a little music. If that’s your preferred method, you’ll be glad to learn that each of our service rooms provides Bluetooth speakers along with your choice of music.

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If you’re thinking that the only thing missing is food and drink, guess again. The Rovi Smile Center has freshly baked desserts, a gourmet coffee bar, plus a juice and beverage bar. We take the idea of a trip to a dental spa to the next level by offering even more options not found in your typical dentist’s office. In addition to taking care of your dental needs, we offer spa beauty treatments such as a paraffin hand wax. We are especially proud of our ability to offer both Botox and Juvederm treatments. After all, why not have stunning skin to go with your dazzling teeth?

That’s the feeling our patients have about the staff at the Rovi Smile Center. They look forward to their next visit because they know that not only will they receive the ultimate in professional dentistry, but they’ll also receive luxurious treatment from a friendly staff.
So don’t let your fear of the dentist stop you from having the healthy smile that you deserve.
Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Daniel Rovirosa at (954) 755-8003.
The Rovi Smile Center offers its dental spa services for patients in Coral Springs and throughout South Florida.

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